USA - NYC Jews attacked on Upper West Side during post-Shabbat stroll

Manhattan, New York, NY
- A Jewish woman and her friends were attacked last Saturday night in what appears to have been an antisemitic hate crime.

The group was walking along Central Park West on 92nd Street when they became aware they were being followed by a car.

The stalking sudden transformed into an outright attack, with eggs hurled at members of the group who were visually identifiable as Jews. The men were wearing yarmulkas and all of the group was dressed in Shabbat clothing.

The woman in the group was hit in the head, hard, by an egg. She suffered a concussion as a result.

The woman said that although there were many people out and about at that hour, “they only targeted us.” She added that a doorman who witnessed the attack said the attackers were behind the group and “sought us out.”

Source: Jewish press