USA - The synagogue of Bal Harbour evacuated after receiving a bomb threat

Belle Harbour, Miami, FL
- A synagogue in Belle Harbour Miami received a bomb threat and all were evacuated. At approximately 4:30pm today and phone call was placed to The Shul by a woman who stated that the Champlain Tower partial collapse was not an accident.

She stated that it was a coordinated bombing and that The Shul of Bal Harbour along with other buildings in the area are being and will be targeted. As a precautionary measure Shul security along with the help of Surfside police and police K9’s have performed a controlled evacuation and locked down The Shul and taken measures to sweep the building and construction site for any and all possible explosives devices.

Multiple Police K9 teams are currently on scene and once we hear an all clear scene we can resume all normal operations at The Shul. We will update as the situation progresses. Thank you for your help and understanding.

As of 7:43pm the Miami Dade K-9 and Bomb Squad have found no potential devices and have given the all clear and operations have resumed back to normal.