2020 Antisemitism report in Hungary

A significant part of combating antisemitism is monitoring of the prevalence of antisemitic incidents. One of the aims of the Action and Protection League (APL) is to heighten the awareness of antisemitism in the society. The primary tool in achieving this is continuous professional monitoring of hate crimes in public life.

The data collected by the Action and Protection League cooperated with Action and Protection Foundation (APF/TEV). In Hungary, the monitoring report is carried out by the APF/TEV.

Action and Protection Foundation identified 30 incidents of antisemitic hate crime in 2020. Six incidents were classified as damage to property, one incident fell into the category of threat, and twenty-two were identified as hate speech. One other incident was classified as discrimination.

Compared to the previous year, when 35 incidents were identified, this shows a slight – approximately 15% – decrease in the number of incidents. However, it can also be concluded that there have been similar numbers of antisemitic incidents detected every year since 2017.

Source: TEV