Austria - Left-wing activist group's map of Jewish sites marked with yellow stars

Drawing the outrage of the Austrian Jewish community, an anonymous activist group published an online map of Vienna featuring Jewish institutions marked with yellow Stars of David, as part of an apparent attempt to protest a controversial map of mosques issued by the government.

The group calling itself the League of Ordinary People of Austria, which is otherwise unknown, dubbed their map a “Judenkarte,” Austria’s Der Standard newspaper reported Monday. It was created in response to a map of national Muslim sites, or “Islamkarte”, issued by the Austrian government that has been an object of controversy since May.

The group threatened to expand the map to include all of Austria unless the “Islamkarte” is taken down, but following a storm of social media attention, the “Judenkarte” was deleted and replaced with links to Jewish institutions.

Benjamin Nägele, Secretary General of the Jewish Community of Vienna, called the map “pitiful activism at the expense of the Jewish community.”

“Legal steps against the authors are being examined,” he said.

The group apparently adheres to a left-wing ideology, Der Standard said, and previously sought to publish similar maps to politicians’ residences, Catholic institutions, and far-right groups.

Nothing further is known of the group beyond an email address and name that appear to be false. Their site is hosted by a British provider that offers almost complete anonymity to customers.

Dalia Grinfeld, Assistant Director of European Affairs at the Anti-Defamation League, noted on Twitter that “Jewish life in [Europe] is behind bulletproof glass for unfortunately good reasons.”
“‘Fighting’ #Islamkarte with #Judenkarte is like ‘dumb & dumber,'” she said.

Source: algemeiner