Belarus - Lukashenko about Jews: "The whole world today bows before them, and we are so tolerant, we didn't want to offend anyone"

- Yesterday, during his speech in honor of Belarus' Independence Day, President Alexander Lukashenko referred to the memory of World War II and the extermination of the Belarusian people, which he called the "Holocaust of the Belarusian people."

He added that the memory of the war and the Soviet war effort to the memory of the Holocaust, claiming that Jews "ruled the world" and the media.

"The Jews managed to force the world to remember the Holocaust. The entire world grovels before them and gives in to them. They are afraid to say a single word out of place. We are tolerant and likeable. We left things alone until it got to the point where others started attacking us and the memory of our efforts," Lukashenko said.

While it is possible that Lukashenko was trying to praise Jews for their willingness to stand up for the memory of the Holocaust, he inadvertently revealed his own feelings about the supposed influence Jews exert in the world, the widespread antisemitism in eastern Europe, and its roots in writings such as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Source: lechaim