Belgium - Jew assaulted and injured in Antwerp

- A drunk thug assaulted and injured an elderly Jew returning from the central Belz synagogue in Antwerp, Belgium. A number of other members of the local chareidi community managed to catch the perpetrator and held him until the arrival of police.

The attacker struck Rabbi David Fink, a Belzer chassid in his 60’s, in the face while he was walking down the street, in an apparent antisemitic attack. Fink was bleeding from injuries sustained to the head and face and after first aid treatment at the scene was rushed to hospital. Members of the Hashmira chareidi security organization caught the perpetrator. While police were questioning bystanders about the attack, the attacker went wild in the police van, banging on the windows and screaming loudly. Police could not question him immediately because of his drunk state.

Source: vinnews