Germany - Trial against alleged members of the right-wing extremist “Goyim Party"

Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (OLG)
Three alleged members of the extremely aggressive antisemitic “Goyim Party” will have to answer before the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (OLG) from the end of July.

As the spokesman for the OLG announced on Thursday, the court has admitted the Federal Public Prosecutor's indictment against three 37, 38 and 60-year-old Germans from Heerlen (Netherlands), Duisburg and Berlin.

They are accused of membership in a right-wing extremist criminal organization and of sedition.

They are said to have partly co-founded the “International Goyim Party” and, as its members, disseminated inflammatory content via various Internet platforms.

The central figure of the “Goyim Party” is Fadi J. According to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, the 37-year-old man had been intensively involved since 2014 with building an international network to spread anti-Semitic agitation worldwide.

The infrastructure consisted of the website “International Goyim Party”, at least 29 “Goyim country groups” and several forums.

When various platform operators blocked Fadi J.'s channels because of the sheer hatred that was widespread there, J. switched to the Russian provider VKontakte (VK).

Fadi J. is said to have determined the content of the right-wing extremist criminal organization together with the 60-year-old Marcus B. from Berlin.

38-year-old Christian B., like the other two men, posted a considerable amount of "extremely antisemitic, xenophobic and national socialism glorifying posts" on the network.

On the pages of the “Goyim” party there were also open calls for the killing of Jewish citizens.

Sayings like “Who wants world peace must exterminate the Jews!” Or “The death of Jews solves world hardship” were posted from the account of the criminal organization.

The term “Goyim” is derived from “Goi” - a Yiddish word that denotes non-Jews.

The two main suspects were arrested a year ago as part of a large-scale raid against the association in Herleen and Berlin and have been in custody ever since. Searches took place in mid-July 2020 in Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and North Rhine-Westphalia, among others.

Source: faz