Germany - The trial against Goyim network Starts in Düsseldorf

Photo: DPA
Three members of the Goyim network stand before the higher regional court in Düsseldorf. They are said to have spread antisemitic content on the Internet and called for violence against Jews.

The three men accused come from Duisburg, Berlin and Heerlen (Netherlands). They are accused of membership in a right-wing extremist criminal organization and of sedition.

Goyim is the plural of the Yiddish word Goy and means non-Jews. Antisemites often use the term in a derogatory way as a self-designation, like the "Goyim Party of Germany". Followers of the network spread hatred and agitation on the Internet.

According to the Federal Prosecutor General, the defendants are said to have spread " deeply degrading antisemitic propaganda " and called for the killing of Jews in several hundred cases.

The two main suspects were arrested a year ago in Heerlen, the Netherlands, and in Berlin. There were searches at the same time. The court has scheduled 30 days of hearing. If convicted, the defendants face several years' imprisonment.


Source: wdr