Greece - Antisemitic graffiti on the way to Pefkoulia beach

  Photos: Against Antisemitism blog (July 2021)

- A number of antisemitic and anti-vaccination slogans have been written along the road that connects the village of Tsoukalades with Agios Nikitas.

This road is one of the busiest on the island every summer. Hundreds of vacationers make this route every day to go, among other things, to the popular Pefkoulia beach. The Municipality of Lefkada seems to be indifferent at the moment for this situation that discredits the island, as it has not yet sent a crew to extinguish the hate slogans.

The equation "Masons = Judaism" (Μασονία = Εβραιοσιωνισμός) has been written in blue in the cemetery next to the slogan "Down with the New Dictatorship" (Κάτω η Νέα Δικτατορία) of the vaccinators.

On the way to Pefkoulia beach and on the surface of the protective wall, which is almost 2 km long, there are dozens of large slogans: "Israeli people are killers" (Φονιάδες των Λαών Ιζραηλίτες), "Fuck Off Israel" and many others.


Photos: Against Antisemitism blog (July 2021)

Source: enantiastonantisimitismo