Netflix voiced its opposition to antisemitism in a statement released on Monday, calling on the public to remember the horrors of the Holocaust.

“We stand united against antisemitism in all its forms, including the worrying increase in hate crimes and Holocaust denial,” the streaming giant said in their statement, which was shared on Twitter. “We must never forget that appalling chapter in human history.”Netflix also shared the link to “The Last Days,” an Oscar-winning Holocaust documentary from 1998 that has recently been remastered and re-released on the platform. The documentary, produced by Steven Spielberg and the USC Shoah Foundation, “recounts the harrowing story of five Hungarian Jews who endured the horrors of the Holocaust and Hitler’s reign,” according to its official description.

Early Tuesday, the Combat Antisemitism Movement thanked Netflix for its “solidarity with the Jewish people amid rising antisemitism worldwide and your commitment to fight the inconceivable evil of Holocaust denial!” CAM added, “We hope to see other media giants use their societal influence to educate against hatred and bigotry.”

The European Jewish Congress commented, “amid rising Jew-hatred and Holocaust denial, media giants’ role is essential to fighting bigotry and hate in all its manifestations.”