Swiss court sentences French comedian for antisemitic sketch

Dieudonné speaking outside court in Geneva.
 Keystone / Laurent Gillieron
Having found the comedian guilty of the charges on Thursday, the court set the penalty at CHF170 francs for 180 days – a common method of setting financial sanctions in Switzerland.

The complaint was brought by the Coordination against Antisemitism and Defamation (CICAD) organisation in 2019. During his “En Vérité” shows (which means “In Truth” in English) in western Switzerland, Dieudonné performed a sketch in which he denied the existence of Nazi gas chambers, thus violating Swiss criminal laws on racism and antisemitism.

“We don’t want Switzerland becoming a playing field for antisemites and racists,” CICAD secretary general John Garfinkel told Swiss public television in 2019.

The comic has a string of convictions for inciting hatred against Jews and is the inventor of the controversial “quenelle” hand gesture. In France and Belgium he has had to pay tens of thousands of euros in fines for racial slander, defamation and hate speech.

Source: swissinfo