The Netherlands - Feyenoord fans antisemitic reaction to Brachhaus move to Ajax

Rotterdam - Just over a week after moving to big rivals Ajax for € 5.5 million and 'betraying' a team he has become a sergeant and captain for the past 5 years, Feyenoord fans have reacted to Steven Brachhaus' move to a bitter rival from Amsterdam in a particularly antisemitic and disgusting way.

A graffiti painting that appeared on one of the walls in the streets of Rotterdam featured the figure of the departing captain, who, as mentioned, moved to Ajax, whose Ajax fans are identified in the Netherlands as 'Jewish lovers'. Following this, the figure of Brachhaus was painted with a large 'Jew' nose and a skullcap and he was painted wearing a shirt that is remembered from the Holocaust with a yellow badge in the shape of a Star of David.

Along with the shocking painting itself, an antisemitic inscription was also written: "Jews always run away."

Source: one