USA - Rabbi stabbed outside synagogue in Boston

Rabbi Shlomo Noginski
Brighton, MA
- Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shlomo Noginski was repeatedly stabbed today outside of the Shaloh House Jewish Day School in Brighton, Mass. Noginski serves as a rabbi and teacher at Shaloh House, a Chabad institution serving the Boston-area’s Russian Jewish community, and their summer day camp was in session. Noginski is currently being treated at a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Police quickly arrested the suspect, 24-year-old Khaled Awad, who was found to be carrying a knife and a gun.

At the time of the stabbing, many of the campers were off site and not near the scene of the attack and the others were safely in the building. The school building went into immediate lockdown and no campers were harmed.

The motive for the attack remains unclear, as Boston police continue their investigation.

According to a report, Noginski was sitting on the front steps of the Shaloh House on his cell phone. The suspect approached him, drew a gun and asked Noginski to take him to his car. When the suspect attempted to force Noginski into the car, the rabbi tried running across the street to a small park called Brighton Common, where the suspect stabbed Noginski multiple times in the arm. As the rabbi tried to fend off the attacker he raised a commotion, finally causing the suspect to flee. The suspect was apprehended by police almost immediately.

The rabbi is treated after the stabbing

Source: vinnews