USA - Two black youths seen spitting on Jewish kids in Crown Heights

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY
- A Jewish child and her mother, as well as another Jewish child, were spat on by two black youths while walking in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, this week.

The mother and child were walking on East New York and Brooklyn Avenue near Bais Rivkah School, when the two kids began spitting on them in an unprovoked attack.

A passing driver witnessed the incident, and says he stopped to help “because the young Jewish child seemed distressed.”

“My friend and I were driving by, and stopped and asked the youths why they did that,” the witness told COLlive.

“They replied that they ‘just did.'”

After being confronted, one of the youths ran across the street, and then spat at another Jewish child who was walking down the street, the witness said.

“When we began taking pictures of them, they attempted to hide their faces,” he said.

Source: COLlive