2020 report on hate crimes in Spain

The hate crimes known to the State security forces continue to grow in Spain and, specifically, have increased by 9.3 percent in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2019 (the year before the pandemic), to 610, which were mostly by racism, ideology and sexual orientation.

These are data provided this Wednesday by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who has presented the evolution of hate crimes in Spain during 2020 and the results of a survey which shows that 89% of the victims of these criminal offenses do not report.

Regarding the 2020 data, known crimes totaled 1,401, down 17.9 percent from 2019 due to enforcement measures. Lockdown and restrictions on mobility due to the pandemic.

Despite the decline in 2020, the report notes an increase in that year in crimes against people with disabilities (69.2%), discrimination based on illness (62.5%), discrimination based on sex / gender (43.5%) and anti-Roma (57.1%).

Meanwhile, those of ideology (-45.3%), racism / xenophobia (-5.8%), against sexual orientation and gender identity (-0.4%) and antisemitism (-40.0%) decreased.

Anyway, the highest percentage of the events recorded is concentrated in the areas of racism/xenophobia and ideology, with almost 56 percent of the total), followed by the area of ​​sexual orientation and identity (19.8%).

Regarding the typologies that are included in the definition of hate crimes, threats and injuries stand out as in previous years, representing four out of every six of the known hate incidents.

According to the balance, the index of clarification of the facts in 2020 remains at a high level, with 66.2 percent of the total.

Source: The saxon