France - Anti-Jewish cartoon in Charlie Hebdo magazine

The well-known newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' published a shocking cartoon on the front page of the weekly newspaper in which a crocodile with a skullcap and wigs is seen with his predatory tongue sticking out hungrily.

The headline of the newspaper reads: "And what about the opponents of the vaccines are right"?. It is not clear why the newspaper chose to paste this painting into the headline and what it means. Journalists in France explain that the illustrator seems to intend to accuse the Jewish CEO of Pfizer Burla of the destruction and prey of humanity.

"We are in shock," say the Jewish community in Paris. "Charlie Hebdo is one of the most popular and respected newspapers in the country. Their cartoons have destructive power, and they use them for terrible purposes. Even so, the world accuses Jews of epidemics and any possible disease that breaks out, Crazy people who will be rehabilitated because of this cartoon. We are really afraid of the consequences. "

Source: bhol