Germany - Antisemitic graffiti in Munich

- a passerby in Munich-Schwabing discover antisemitic graffiti on two posters for the federal election. Parts of the posters had been demolished, and the graffiti reads: "Protect the children from the gene injection. Bolshevism Jewish Republic" ("Schützt die Kinder vor der Genspritze. Bolschewismus Judenrepublik"), "WEF founder Claus Schwab Agenda 2030" ("WEF Gründer Claus Schwab Agenda 2030") and ′′World Jewish Order" ("Jüdische Weltordnung").

The tags have spread widely as part of the coronavirus protests. They stand for conspiracy narratives around the pandemic and vaccinations. According to this, the pandemic was created by an alleged Jewish elite, for example, to ′′ force vaccinate ′′ people and thus inject them with alleged genetic modifications. The goal is a "Jewish world order" and the oppression or murder of humanity. Antisemitism is usually more cipher than it is said here, for example when a "New World Order" is spoken of.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), was identified in these circles as one of the supposed strippers behind this sinister plan. According to this, "Bolshevism", sometimes also "Communism", should be introduced and humanity should be oppressed.

"The Jews" are held responsible here for both communism (Bolshevism) and capitalism. The WEF is considered an elite and capitalist meeting where leaders from business and politics meet. This motive, "the Jews" is behind communism and capitalism, is typical for antisemitism. The term "Jewish republic" stands for the antisemitic idea that Germany is governed in secret by Jewish people, in the right extremism the abbreviation ′′ZOG′′ is also common. It stands for "Zionist Occupied Government".