Germany - Stumbling blocks in Dorstfeld, Dortmund are repeatedly damaged by neo-Nazis and smeared with paint

Photo: Quarter Democrats
- Two months after the Stumbling blocks was laid in Dortmund's Dorstfeld district, they are repeatedly damaged and smeared with paint. In June 2021, a total of over 20 stumbling blocks were laid across Dortmund at various locations. They remind of the systematic persecution and extermination of Jews by the Nazi regime.

Most recently, Stumbling blocks ​​were laid in Dorstfeld in memory of the Jewish Rosenthal family, who were deported and murdered as a result of the atrocities committed by the National Socialists.

Time and again, the stumbling blocks in memory of the Rosenthal family and the Rosenbaum family in the area of ​​Dorstfelder Hellweg and Arminiusstraße are smeared with paint. All incidents have been reported, but the perpetrators remain unknown. The stumbling blocks have already been smeared with paint four times. Every incident was recorded by the police and the cleaning was arranged by the city of Dortmund.