France - "Qui ?" with antisemitic overtones tagged on the Brognard bridge

Photo ER /Françoise JEANPARIS
- Graffiti with antisemitic and nationalist overtones were sprayed on the bridge, allows to reach the Brognard Aquatic center.

What do we read? First the question "Who?" » In red letters, which in a few weeks became an anti-Semitic code relayed by social networks. The International League against Racism and Antisemitism (the Licra) denounced this slogan, which has become “another way of saying that we don't like Jews”.

Also in red on the Brognard bridge “Deus vult”, “God wants it” in Latin used by the first crusaders as a rallying cry launched before the fight against the Muslim troops. It is also the slogan of a newspaper of the extreme right as of a movement founded by fundamentalist and nationalist Catholics.

Photo ER /Françoise JEANPARIS