Russia - Violent antisemitic incident in Moscow

Dr. Vladimir Tsetlin / PHOTO: IF-MSTUCA.RU
- In the center of Moscow, Dr. Vladimir Tsetlin, 82, a senior expert at the Institute of Biomedical Problems (Институт медико-биологических проблем РАН) of the Russian National Academy of Sciences, was physically and verbally assaulted.

Dr. Tsetlin was traveling on a bus near Tishinskaya Square. A young man began beating him in the face and shouting antisemitic slogans such as "Hitler should have finished the job." Tsetlin managed to get off the bus, but the attacker chased after him.

Tsetlin filed a complaint with the police on Friday, immediately after the incident. According to him, police officers carefully considered his appeal, did not ignore the antisemitic attack, but, on the contrary, asked to accurately describe all the circumstances of the case.

Police detected the criminal on the basis of video surveillance cameras, but as of Monday, they still couldn't find or question him, Tsetlin said.

Source: mk