Study: Antisemitism within anti-vaccination conspiracy theories

Moonshot has conducted an initial investigation into the presence of antisemitism within discourses surrounding anti-vaccination conspiracy theories.

The first section of this report provides an overview of the key narratives identified, based on data collected since the onset of the pandemic in January 2020.

Moonshot’s custom suite of open source intelligence tools and techniques were used to quantify and catalog instances of antisemitic language used in conjunction with discussions of COVID-19 vaccines. We analyzed relevant global English language posts from 4chan, BitChute and Twitter, along with UK-specific English language content on Gab and Telegram.

Dates for data collection differed by platform, but all data was gathered between 1 January 2020 and 31 March 2021.

You can read in Coda Story about our findings – you can listen to the podcast here.

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