UK - Tottenham apologizes after radio station antisemitic remarks about president Daniel Levy

- Communal figures have condemned talkSPORT radio presenters for failing to condemn antisemitism spouted by a caller during a phone-in.

During a discussion with TalkSport presenters Perry Groves and Jordan Jarrett Bryan, a caller claimed that the reason Harry Kane would not be allowed to leave Tottenham Hotspur Football Club as he had hoped to this summer was because “Daniel Levy is a Jew, he is not going to let him go for nothing is he?"

According to TalkSport producers online the clip was cut from the live radio broadcast but left in the online stream of the show which was uploaded to YouTube and shared online.

While both presenters appeared to acknowledge the comment as uncomfortable in a clip of the exchange, both failed to address it as racism.

In the clip Mr Groves could be seen to make a shocked expression while Mr Bryan, who is also a Channel 4 reporter, cut the caller off and moved the conversation on.

Both were widely condemned online for missing a vital opportunity to challenge racism.
Source: thejc