USA - A Houston High School assistant principal and teacher allegedly made antisemitic remarks on social media

Germantown, TN
- A Houston High School assistant principal and teacher are under investigation after they allegedly made antisemitic remarks on social media.

Germantown Municipal School District (GMSD) officials said Thursday morning they are reviewing a post from Houston High assistant principal Janna Matykiewicz and teacher Tony Benzing after the two posted remarks comparing the Covid vaccine to the Holocaust.

“What’s the difference between papers and a yellow star?” Matykiewicz allegedly asked in a Facebook post. “82 years.”

Benzing, identified online as a history teacher, responded, “82 years … apparently a generation that doesn’t seem to know their History [sic] … the yellow star just targeted Jews … the vaccine papers don’t discriminate … but remember they first gamed the system to get Hitler appointed as Der Fuhrer, then they took over the media, police force, & educational system (Hitler Jugend),…”

A petition to “Fire Ms. Janna Matykiewicz” had 1,078 signatures Thursday morning with a goal to get to 1,500.

“Not only is this a complete ignorant statement, it is also completely anti-Semitic,” reads the petition started by Julien Le Vine-Miller. “Comparing a vaccine to one of the most tragic genocides in history is baffling. As a Jewish student in the student body, I wouldn’t feel safe and accepted as I’m sure many others would with a person of power making antisemitic statements on Facebook.”

Le Vine-Miller said if Matykiewicz remains at the school, or any other school in the district, “count me out as being a part of GMSD schools.”

A GMSD official said the district cannot comment on open investigations but provided this statement:

“One of Germantown Municipal School District’s core objectives is that our staff recognize and celebrate the diversity of all students and provide opportunities for inclusive practices,” reads the statement from district spokeswoman Kate Crowder. “It is imperative that every student and staff member feel safe and respected on our campuses.

“GMSD has been made aware of statements on social media made by school personnel. This matter is currently under investigation. The district does not provide comments on active investigations.”

A student reached out to the Memphis Flyer about the petition Thursday morning in an email that said, “as a student body, we are scared and outraged. We feel like our voices aren’t being heard.”