USA - Neo-Nazi flyers left on Aptos porches in the middle of the night

Aptos, CA
- Some Aptos neighborhood residents received quite a shock earlier in the week after someone distributed neo-Nazi flyers to their doorsteps and on Friday local leaders condemned the action.

An Aptos resident's home security camera captured an individual leaving neo-Nazi flyers on porches in the community. Now, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office is hoping someone out there can identify the person who is seen dropping this hate material off in Aptos neighborhoods.

"Kind of tossed it on the side table. I didn't think too much about it. Five minutes later when I looked at it, a swastika jumped out at you," Csujid said.Eugene Csujid was one of the people who received the hate messages.

He turned the material over to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office.

A bag filled with rice held a flyer titled "Aryan Nations" displayed swastikas and antisemitic messages.

"When you see a swastika you just can't let go. Someone's gotta know. I'm not sure it's a crime. So in the morning, we just contacted everyone we could," Csuji said.

That included Temple Beth El and Supervisor Zach Friend who represents Aptos.

"I mean, talk about the ultimate cowardice. I mean, to do this in the dead of night in the middle of the night. I mean to just drop it at people's doors so they have to wake up to hate-filled literature that says a lot about the character of that individual," Friend said.

Source: ksbw