A 9-year-old was attacked on a train while acquitting Jews of taking a lulav

Brooklyn, NY
- A 9-year-old boy was attacked by a man who called him derogatory nicknames and asked him "why Israel kills children in Gaza."

Mordechai Lightstone, a Chabad follower, the founder of several enterprises, said in a post he published that his youngest son was verbally assaulted when he acquitted Jews of the commandment of the four species.

"My son (9) asked me if there was any news from Israel today.

I asked him why. He and a group of other kids, 7-12 years old go with a few older yeshivah students to help Russian Jews in south Brooklyn shake the lulav." On the subway platform a man approached him and began to yell at him. "He kept asking me why we were killing kids in Gaza." My son looked at him in confusion, and so the guy began shaking my sons arm. The man followed the kids onto the train, still yelling.

A group of Israeli teenagers, visiting for the holidays and also on the train to help people shake lulav, pulled my son and his friends to the back of train and stood between the man and the kids. The man continued to yell ("his face turned red.")

When the reached the next station, the group all switched train cars as the man continued to yell that he was glad they were leaving. ... And thus my son's question. He wanted know why the man chose to yell at him - a 9 year old from Brooklyn.

I know this thread will get a lot of use by people of stripes to boost their agendas - so I'll preempt it by saying what my hope is:

If you see a group of Chabad kids asking people to do a mitzvah, say something nice to them - even if it's not your thing. They really are all kids, who put themselves out there to help other Jews in ways most adults wouldn't. It takes a lot.