Argentina - Umbanda rites and swastikas in the Jewish cemetery of Santa Fe

Santa Fe
- Chicken remains, seeds thrown on the ground and swastikas were discovered in the Israelite Cemetery of Santa Fe.

Everything indicates that it was during the night of Monday that unknown perpetrators managed to enter the place and proceeded to vandalize the place.

“In fact, what happened is not new. We also know of similar events that occurred in the municipal cemetery. It is unfortunate that they occur in these sacred places, "said Horacio Roitman, president of DAIA Filial Santa Fe, with El Litoral .

“We do not know if they are made of witchcraft or of the practice of Umbanda rites. The concrete thing is that we found remains of a chicken with its neck cut off, seeds piled up on the ground, candles, etc. And besides that they painted swastikas crosses (in the Israelite Cemetery of Santa Fe). Some are poorly made. The dramatic thing is that they were made on the wall of the monument that keeps the memory of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust, "he said.

Source: visavis