Australia - Wearing a kippah, man attacked on his way to synagogue as son watches

Photo of the attacker captured via
 the victim’s cell phone 

Brisbane, Queensland A 48-year old Jewish man has been punched and abused in a Brisbane city street, during broad daylight, while on the way to the synagogue with his 11-year old son last Shabbat.

The unknown attacker started shouting “Heil Hitler” and giving Nazi salutes after seeing the Jewish communal member wearing a kippah (a skullcap traditionally worn by Jews).

The communal member, who reported the incident to the Queensland Police, said he was shocked to see the man’s hate-fueled rage.

“At first, I didn’t realise what he was shouting, but when I looked into his eyes they were filled with hate towards me,” he said.

“I could feel his hatred directed at me right down into my bones. He punched me in the face and then just walked away.”

Source: jwire