France - A swastika tagged on WWII museum waggon in Dracy-Saint-Loup

לכתבה בעברית
- On September 8, 1944, the town of Dracy-Saint-Loup was liberated from German occupation. But not human stupidity. 

The town was the site of an antisemitic act. On the site of the Train of Dreams, a swastika was tagged on a waggon where a museum is installed on the history of the Second World War and the deportation of the Jews. 

The owners of the premises, Gregory and Christine Marshall discovered this targeted antisemitic act. “I was walking around the site and I came across this swastika. I was scared,” says Gregory Marshall. "There is an antisemitic desire," added his wife Christine. We have other wagons with guest rooms but it is this one, which relates among other things the story of the deportation of the Jews, which was targeted. "

Source: lejsl