Germany - 161 antisemitic acts recorded in Berlin in the first half of 2021

The Berlin police recorded 161 crimes with antisemitic motivation in the first half of this year. She classified 101 of them as right-wing motivated, as can be seen from the response of the Senate Interior Administration to a cross-faction request from the SPD, CDU, Left, Greens and FDP. According to the police, the motive behind 26 acts against Jews or Jewish institutions was a foreign ideology and 33 acts could not be assigned to any political direction. Once it was about a religious ideology.

Most of the crimes between January and June were sedition directed against Jews. But there have also been many threats against people and organizations, insults, damage to property and the use of marks from unconstitutional organizations. The police also listed three physical injuries. 63 suspects between the ages of 16 and 83 were listed by the police: 56 men and 7 women.

The police are aware of 84 victims between the ages of 15 and 94, of whom 58 are men and 26 women. A number of property damage, threats and coercion were also directed against Jewish memorials and institutions such as the synagogue on Oranienburger Straße. Among the acts were also several incitements to hatred and a breach of the peace, at demonstrations by Corona opponents or rallies by Arab initiatives against Israel.

Source: tagesspiegel