Germany - Antisemitic markings on election posters in Berlin

לכתבה בעברית
Wedding, Berlin
- In the Wedding district, antisemitic graffiti were discovered on three election posters.

The election posters of an SPD candidate for the House of Representatives and a candidate from LINKE for the Bundestag, which were hanging in the same quarter, were all smeared in the same way: a so-called Hitler mustache was painted on the candidates and a speech bubble with the phrase "I Zion" and added to a Star of David.

With this, the candidates were marked as Jewish or controlled by a supposed Jewish conspiracy. The Hitler mustache also equates “Zion” as a keyword for Israel and / or an alleged Jewish conspiracy with National Socialism and brings about a revisionist perpetrator-victim reversal.

The posters were later replaced.

Source: RIAS Berlin