Germany - Antisemitic attack during a vigil against antisemitism in Hamburg

- A participant in a vigil for Israel and against antisemitism in downtown Hamburg fell victim to an antisemitic attack. The 60-year-old was first insulted in an antisemitic manner on Saturday afternoon in Mönckebergstrasse and then punched in the face, the police said on Monday.

The perpetrator - a man around 18 to 25 years old - escaped with several police cars despite an immediate manhunt. The state security of the State Criminal Police Office took over the investigation.

According to the investigations so far, the man initially insulted all participants in the vigil from a group of three to four people in an antisemitic manner. When he was approached and asked not to do so, he hit the 60-year-old in the face with his fist, which caused him to suffer a laceration. The perpetrator then probably fled with his companions on rental e-scooters.

Michael T. is in a clinic with a broken nose and cheekbones. His jaw was also affected, and the retina of his left eye is threatening to peel off. The photo shows BILD with his consent.
Photo: private

Source: boyens-medien