Mexico - Antisemitic message left at the home of a Jewish leader in Mérida

Mérida, Yucatan
- The home of Alejandro Rabinovich Noé, president of the Administrative Council of the Jewish Community of Mérida, was vandalized with antisemitic messages.

Images released by the local Mexican media show 2 swastikas, a crossed-out Star of Daivd and the phrase "Out Shit Jews" (“fuera judíos de mierda”) on a wall of the home.

According to Diario de Yucatán, this is not the first time that Rabinovich has been harassed by antisemites.

Since April, and later in May and June, he received phone calls from unknown numbers in which, according to his complaint to the Yucatan State Attorney General's Office, he was offended by his Jewish origin.

"You and your shitty Jewish family ... we don't want you here, we want all the shitty Jews to leave ... shitty Zionists ... get out of here," were some of the insults against him.

The threats and insults began when Rabinovich took over the presidency of the Administrative Council of the Jewish Community of Mérida.

According to the media, the authorities have not informed Rabinovich of any progress in the investigation after the complaint filed.