Netherlands - Municipality of Urk investigates images of young people in 'Nazi clothing' and a prisoner with a Jewish star on

Urk - On Urk, images are shared from Saturday evening. One of those images is a still image captured by a surveillance camera in the old village. The image shows that people in military uniform with pistols are frightening others in the entertainment center of Urk.

The owner of the security camera confirms that the images are real and were taken on Saturday evening. “It will go around en masse in app groups on Sunday. They had a party in the industrial area, and then they went into the old village. They are disrespectful people.”

Another photo, traceable to the social media platform Snapchat, which is popular among young people, shows eight young people posing in a row on the industrial estate. Two are wearing long black coats, everyone seems to be wearing black boots up to the knees. The clothing has features from the Nazi era.

Three young men have made a black mustache on their faces. A third photo shows one of the 'Nazis' pointing a rifle at the back of the head of a young man wearing a black and white striped prison suit and a Star of David on his chest.

"We have seen the images," says Françoise Bisschop, spokesperson for the municipality of Urk. “These are intense images. We are currently in consultation with the police and the Public Prosecution Service to get a complete picture of the situation. Then we will come back to this, probably later today”, says Bisschop at the beginning of the afternoon. "It's really important to get a good picture before we say more about it."

Source: destentor