Switzerland - Hitler salutes, swastikas and stars of David at the “Mass-Voll” demo in Bern

- It was loud and crowded in the streets of Bern for the last few days. Demonstrators marched through Bern on Thursday and Wednesday evenings and protested against the Federal Council's tightened Covid measures.

The big demo on Wednesday was organized by the “Mass-Voll” association (DAS MASS IST VOLL - THIS IS THE LIMIT), the organizers speak of over 20,000 participants. According to an estimate of 20 minutes, several thousand people were demonstrating - apparently among them some people with right-wing extremist and antisemitic views.

From the Reitschul-Zeitung «Megafon» published recordings show how individual demonstrators sometimes stretched their arms in the Hitler salute, wore stars of David with the words “Unvaccinated” or carried banners with antisemitic wording.
Source: 20min