'UK - Antisemitic vandal' defaced London bus stops with 'Jews and gays are grey aliens'

Nicholas Lalchan
- An alleged Antisemitic vandal defaced bus stops with messages "Jews and gays are grey aliens", a court has heard.

Nicholas Lalchan, 49, defaced 17 stops in North West London with a black marker pen, causing £100 worth of damage each time, jurors at Aldersgate House Nightingale Court were told.

The court heard how he also defaced the windows of an accountancy firm.

Lalchan admits criminal damage but denies any religious or racial motivation.

Prosecutor David Patience said the graffiti was motivated by hostility towards Jewish people.

The court heard it called Jewish and gay people “gray aliens”, made reference to a “new world order” and encouraged searches of YouTube and Google for various conspiracy theories.

The graffiti appeared in areas such as Edgware, Hendon and Finchley – with large Jewish communities, jurors were told.

Mr Patience said: “They were seen by Jewish people and non-Jewish people who were distressed by what they saw and reported it to the police.”

A still image of the culprit was recognised by a community support officer leading to the defendant’s arrest at his home in Edmonton, north London.

At the time, he was carrying a backpack containing black marker pens and leaflets saying similar things as the graffiti.

A search of his home produced more leaflets and pens and a USB stick containing material making reference to Jewish people and conspiracy theories, it was alleged.

In police interview, Lalchan made no comment but did provide a sample of his handwriting which was compared to the graffiti.

On being told he was being charged, he allegedly said: “New world order. The fourth Reich. We will see.”

Mr Patience told jurors that the defendant accepted it was him that daubed the graffiti on the bus stops, but denied it was motivated by religious or racial hostility.

The defendant has admitted criminal damage and possessing an article with intent to commit criminal damage.

He denies further charges alleging that the criminal damage was religiously and racially aggravated and stirring up racial hatred.

The trial which is due to go on for two days continues.

Source: mirror