UK - Labour councillor joins ‘from the river to sea’ chant at event with Corbyn

- Socialist Campaign Group Labour MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Dan Carden, have spoken at a rally in Liverpool at which an elected local councillor was filmed joining in with a chant from the crowd of “From the river to sea – Palestine will be free.”

Sam Gorst, Labour councillor for Liverpool’s Cressington ward, was spotted joining in the chant, which has long been associated with Islamist terror group Hamas and the call for Israel’s elimination, as he joined an anti-arms industry demo on Saturday.

Gorst, previously investigated by Labour over antisemitism claims, was seen holding a banner and joining in with the chant as protesters marched towards the designated assembly for the speeches, many of who carried Palestinan flags.

Jewish News has contacted Labour and Councillor Gorst for comment over his involvement in the “From the river …” chant.

Source: Jewish News