UK - Sacked Eton teacher in fresh controversy for ‘Jewish conspiracy’ YouTube interview

Will Knowland
- A teacher sacked by Eton College for a lecture criticised as sexist has again courted controversy by posting an interview with an American writer accused of antisemitism.

In the video, he suggested that “patriarchy is, rather than being merely socially constructed, partly based in biology”, and that it benefits women.

He also said that “biologically speaking, the idea that men exert power over women is nonsense” and that women “exploit their power of sexual choice to get males to compete to do things for them”. Mr Knowland accused the school of suppressing his freedom of speech.

Earlier this month, he hosted an interview on his YouTube channel with the controversial Catholic writer E Michael Jones. In the interview, Mr Jones says that “the Jews were always behind pornography”, claiming they used porn “as a form of control” and “crushed” opposition to it.

E Michael Jones

A series of other claims against Jews were also made, and he labelled homosexuals “notorious narcissists”.

Mr Knowland does not challenge Mr Jones’ claims during the interview.

Source: inews