Ukraine's parliament passes bill banning antisemitism

Ukraine's parliament has passed a law defining antisemitism and banning it in the country.

The Verkhovna Rada on September 22 approved a second reading of the bill 5109 by 283 votes with the required minimum of 226, sending it to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for his signature to become law.

According to the document, antisemitism in Ukraine is recognized as a certain attitude towards people of Jewish origin, which is expressed in hatred towards them.

The following main manifestations of antisemitism are spelled out in the law:

  • denial of the right of self-identification of people of Jewish origin;
  • calling, concealing or justifying the murder or harm to persons of Jewish origin, including because of radical ideological beliefs or extremist religious views;
  • making false statements, stereotypical, hateful and embittered statements about people of Jewish origin;
  • public statements related to the condemnation of people of Jewish origin as collectively responsible for real or perceived wrongdoing committed by one person or group of persons, regardless of ethnicity or religion;
  • denial of the fact of persecution and mass extermination of Jews during the Second World War (Holocaust);
  • production, distribution of any materials containing antisemitic statements, as well as public use of materials, symbols and images of antisemitic content;
  • deliberate damage or destruction of buildings and other structures belonging to people of Jewish origin, Jewish communities and public Jewish organizations, as well as religious or religious buildings (houses) based on antisemitism;
  • deliberate damage, destruction or desecration of burial places of persons of Jewish origin, monuments, memorial signs dedicated to persons of Jewish origin on grounds of antisemitism;
  • manifestations of antisemitism towards persons of non-Jewish origin, but who have been identified as persons of Jewish origin;
  • calls for antisemitism.
Those guilty of violating the requirements of this law bear civil, administrative and criminal liability under the law.

In addition, a person has the right to compensation for material damage and moral harm caused to him as a result of antisemitism, its manifestations in the manner determined by the legislation of Ukraine.

This law comes into force on the day following the day of its publication.

The online broadcast of the plenary session can be viewed HERE.