USA - Are you Jewish? Bloody attacker threatened Jewish woman, child in medical office

Camwren T. Cole
Teaneck, NJ
- A man who broke through a window at the Riverside Medical Group in Teaneck was armed with a hammer and covered in blood police reported. Camwren T. Cole, 23, of Teaneck entered the medical office and yelled “They tried to turn me trans!”

He also approached two individuals and asked, “Are you Jewish?”

Police said Cole was transported to Bergen New Bridge Medical Center in Paramus for a mental health evaluation. The victims want hate crime charges filed, but it’s not likely.

Jill Gordon was in the office with her daughter Charlotte when the event unfolded.

“We were in the bathroom together when we heard glass break and screaming. Someone yelled, “Call 911!” I opened the door and saw a man in front me holding a hammer with blood dripping down his arm,” she said. “He ran towards us and yelled “Are you Jewish?” I slammed the door shut and locked it then looked for a weapon as Charlotte hid behind the garbage can.”

She armed herself with a bottle of spray bleach, the only thing in the bathroom she could have used for self defense and called 9-1-1 while she and her daughter sheltered inside while the attacker was in the office.

“We heard the attacker yell, “Are you Jewish” again followed by a scream then “They tried to turn me trans!” as he stood in the hallway outside our door,” she added. “Charlotte started whimpering and I motioned for her to be silent. We heard movement and doors slamming and the attacker seemingly ran out but we waited in silence in the bathroom just in case. It seemed like hours but it was only about five minutes. It reminded me of all the students hiding from attackers in schools across the country.”

She said eventually police arrived to arrest the attacker.