2020 Antisemitism report in Belgium

Since 2001, Antisemitisme.be has recorded antisemitic acts committed throughout Belgium and each year publishes a report on antisemitism in Belgium. In this document, you will find a list of all the incidents recorded, our working methodology, as well as an analysis of the past year.

The incidents listed and analyzed in this report are those which were communicated to us or which were the subject of a complaint for racism. The figures included in this analysis of course reflect a trend and not an exact picture of antisemitism in Belgium.

Key findings
  • There was an increase of 36.5% in reports compared to 2019.
  • This increase can be explained by the fact that in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic began, which forced the population to remain confined, without external contact for months. This had for consequence of increasing anxieties, feelings of persecution and conspiracy theories among more fragile and isolated.
  • Jews have historically served as a scapegoat in epidemics and times of uncertainty. The year 2020 will not have escaped these stereotypes.
  • Reports on the internet have increased significantly. + 54.5% in 2020
  • The majority of incidents noted, outside the internet, took place in Antwerp and Brussels.