Antisemitism in Ireland – an exclusive report on anti-Jewish hatred

This report represents part of an intensive effort to investigate antisemitism within anti-Israel activism. Arguments over a reported rise in antisemitism are being publicly played out in media and political circles. This work sets the bar for antisemitism extremely high so as to avoid the pitfalls of deflective arguments. The evidence shows this is clearly not about ‘criticism of Israel’ but rather the unchallenged spread of the world’s oldest hatred. Previous research of this type found a clear correlation between levels of anti-Israel activity and levels of antisemitism within a group. Research in the UK and US suggested concentration levels of 40-50% (of antisemites within pro-Palestinian protest). Tragically this new research suggests that the problem is even worse in Ireland.

The research draws several important conclusions:

➢ In Ireland, anti-Jewish racism spreads within the corridors of power and unlike in the UK or US, appears to be as much driven from the top down as the reverse.

➢ Some Irish politicians are obsessed about attacking Israel and Zionism, treating it in a manner different from the way they treat all other international issues.

➢ Irish politicians share material that is clearly fake and that comes from social media accounts that are blatantly antisemitic.

➢ One TD even liked a post that seems to suggest Hitler ‘may not have been too far wrong’.

➢ The argument that allegations of antisemitism are about stifling ‘criticism of Israel’ is used to shield some of the most horrific anti-Jewish racism imaginable.

➢ The problem stretches across politics and NGOs and spills onto the street. There is little political will and few voices to counter it. This has led to a proliferation throughout the Irish mainstream.

➢ In almost every town analysed, many of the key ‘activists’ have a history of sharing antisemitic content or giving voice to antisemitic ideology. There is even little or no reaction to activists sharing Holocaust Denial.

➢ Antisemitism is a key motivator in anti-Zionist activity. The people who share antisemitic ideology are often those handing out leaflets, organising the protest and starting groups in their local areas.

➢ These anti-Zionists view Zionists as ‘global manipulators’, ‘thieves’, ‘bloodsuckers’ and as people ‘intent on destroying the world to fulfil their own evil agenda’. It is undeniably antisemitism.

➢ Traditional Christian antisemitism plays a significant role in compounding the problem in Ireland and Christian NGOs facilitate the spread of antisemitism there.

➢ In anti-Zionism, far-right and far-left merge.

The report confirms the findings of previous research. It establishes beyond doubt the indivisibility of anti-Zionist protest and antisemitism. Antisemitism in all its guises must be called out. It has no place in public discourse.