Belarus - Antisemitic rant In national TV channel

Ryhor Azaronak
- In national Channel of Belarus, STV, the host Ryhor Azaronak made this antisemitic rant on in which he justified the KGB killing 31-year old Minsk IT worker Andrey Zeltser for being potentially a US citizen and a "cosmopolitan Jew".

In his remarks, Azaronak used clear antisemitic images that hinted at both Zeltzer's Jewish origins and the fact that opposition leaders were Jews.

Zeltzer was also called "cosmopolitan Jew" and "elected," two terms with a distinctly antisemitic connotation in Russian.

It was also mentioned that Zeltser was left behind by Russian operator Maxim Katz and Belarusian publicist Artyom Schreibman, who were first mentioned in a series of opposition leaders.

Finally, Azrionok called opposition leader Svetlana Tikhnovskaya "the woman who conceives a throaty throat" (Kartavaia baba) another distinctly antisemitic hint from Russia.

As for the English term for "the woman who conceives a throaty throat" (Kartavaia baba) I would translate it as "burr woman", although in Russian the word "woman" is used which means "inferior woman", "rural woman" ... A kind of derogatory nickname for women ...