France - Rabbi receives magazine with “RAUS” & Magen David scrawled on it

- Rav Menachem Ladayov, a Chabad Rav in the 17th Arrondissement of Paris, had a disturbing surprise on Sunday when he was delivered a Jewish magazine with an antisemitic message scrawled on its cover.

Rabbi Ladayov told Kikar H’Shabat that he gets the Hebrew-language Kfar Chabad magazine delivered to his home every week, and it’s always wrapped in black plastic. For some reason, he received a back copy of the newspaper from Elul on Sunday wrapped in clear plastic, with the word RAUS (get out of here) in German written on it along with a drawing of a Magen Dovid.

He thinks that since the antisemitic postal clerk was able to see the cover of the magazine, he ripped the plastic and scrawled the nasty message.

Rav Ladayov said he was going to file a complaint to the police and that he had already spoken with the mayor. (Each Arrondissement has its own mayor.)

“Yesterday I spoke about it with the mayor and he responded that he’ll support me all the way and that the incident shouldn’t pass quietly.”

Rav Ladayov explained that he has a close connection with the mayor, Geoffroy Boulard, and he often comes to events at the Beis Chabad, especially on Yamim Tovim.