France - Suspended sentence over antisemitic sign at anti-health pass protest

The 34-year-old teacher who waved a sign bearing an antisemitic message during a protest against the French health pass has been served a six-month suspended sentence for “inciting racial hatred.”

Cassandre Fristot, an ex-Front national member and former councillor, was sentenced in her absence on Wednesday (October 20) at Metz’s criminal court.

The public prosecutor’s department had requested a three-month suspended sentence, but the judge handed her a heavier sentence.

Fristot was pictured on August 7 holding a sign covered with the surnames of several well known political figures and businessmen, along with the word “traîtres!!” (traitors) during a demonstration in Metz.

Several of the people mentioned, including American billionaire investor George Soros, and French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy, had Jewish or Jewish-sounding names.

Also written on the sign was “Mais qui?” (But who?), which relates to a hashtag employed by conspiracy theorists who believe that Jewish people control the media.

Fristot was also required by the court to pay between €1 and €300 to eight anti-racism groups which were plaintiffs in the case, including Licra, the Ligue des droits de l’Homme and SOS Racisme.