Germany - Study: Antisemitism widespread at anti-Israeli gatherings in Bavaria

At the anti-Israeli gatherings in Bavaria in 2021, Israel-related antisemitism was always present, as a brochure from the research and information office Antisemitism (RIAS) Bavaria shows.

In May 2021, there was massive fighting between the Israeli army and Palestinian terrorist organizations. As part of this, numerous gatherings related to the conflict in Bavaria were also held.

According to the research and information office Antisemitism (RIAS) Bavaria, the institution identified anti-Semitism in all 2021 gatherings observed in all 22 meetings. Apart from the gatherings, there were targeted property damage, a threat, nine cases of hurtful behavior, and a mass lettering that was antisemitic to Israel.

On May 22., 2021, at a rally in Passau in Arabic, the parole ′′ Jews, remember Khaybar, Palestine returns!" was called. According to Islamic tradition, Khaybar was an oasis settled by Jews conquered by Mohammad.

The brochure also records other typical cases of Israel-related anti-semitism using numerous photographs: for example, the equation of Israel with Nazism, the representation of Israel as a racist apartheid state and destruction fantasies towards the Jewish state.

RIAS Bavaria leader Annette Seidel-Arpacı says: "Anti-Semitism has once again shown itself as a changeable phenomenon, which follows current political developments and articulates itself in various ways. The fact that antisemitism is never far away when Israel is the focus of the world public is not surprising. Because Israel-related antisemitism is one of the socially barely outlawed and therefore attractive forms of antisemitism after the Shoah."

The RIAS Bayern publication also examines what Israel-related anti-Semitism is and how it speaks out in different political settings. In a separate chapter, Bavarian Jews describe how they assess the anti-Israeli gatherings and what experiences they had to have during the recent wave of anti-Israeli agitation.

Source: RIAS Bavaria