Germany - Union Berlin apologizes over antisemitic incidents at match against Maccabi Haifa

A group of German Maccabi Haifa fans were subjected to antisemitic insults during the match at Berlin's Olympic Stadium, according to a statement from Union Berlin published Friday.

"This behaviour is shameful and we won't tolerate it. We apologise to those affected. antisemitism is unfortunately still present in our society, which is why it also shows itself in the stadium," said club president Dirk Zingler in the statement.

"However, we will never tolerate discrimination in our ranks. It is important to remain vigilant and to work tirelessly against it."

Zingler said the club would support police investigations into the incident.

Beer was thrown at the group of Maccabi Haifa fans, who were also subjected to antisemitic insults and threats of violence, according to a press release from the German-Israeli Society Youth Forum.

One Union Berlin supporter allegedly tried to burn an Israeli flag, it continued.

Other Union Berlin supporters stepped in and swapped seats with the Maccabi Haifa fans.

The youth forum thanked those fans for their solidarity and said they were satisfied with the club's quick response.

Anti-discrimination network FARE also published a photo purporting to show a Union Berlin supporter making a Nazi salute at the game on its Twitter account.

"This man made nazi salutes towards the Maccabi fans and abused those who called him out," reads the tweet.

Source: CNN