Greece - Spokesman at Kozani City council meeting compares economic plan to Auschwitz

- At least one expression that reaches the border of historical disrespect for the thousands of victims of the Nazi horror was recently heard in the Kozani City Council, when a spokesman on the circular economy program tried to equate Auschwitz with the ideal circular economy system.

The speaker noted, everything "like hair, teeth, etc.". That's what was there.

This report halted the discussion with members of the municipality and the president, Nola Tompolido (Νούλα Τουμπουλίδου) asked the speaker to return immediately, while councilor and Anglis Simendrakus (Ευάγγελος Σημανδράκος) said that if he were.

The spokesman stressed that he said this as a "negative example" and repeated it, but noted that "it is so, only the essence does not exist".

After the presentation (the speaker's name will not be mentioned as this is not what is requested) President Tompolido and other city council members condemned the specific report as unacceptable.