Slovenia - Slovenian prime minister posted an antisemitic message on Twitter

Janez Jansa
- Slovenian Prime minister Janez Jansa posted a message on social media that was criticized by some European lawmakers as antisemitic.

Jansa, whose country currently holds the rotating EU Council presidency, accused several members of the European Parliament of being “puppets” of George Soros. The Hungarian-American billionaire investor, who is Jewish, has been the subject of antisemitic attacks and conspiracy theories for decades.

Jansa made his comments on Twitter during a visit to Slovenia by a European Parliament delegation assessing press freedom and the rule of law in the Balkan state.

“Social media should be a space for constructive and respectful debate,” said European Commission spokesman for rule of law, Christian Wigand. “It should not be a place for personal attacks, against individuals, be it private or public figures, as was the case with the tweet you mention.”

Wigand added that antisemitism is not “only a threat to Jewish communities, but also to an open and diverse society.”