Spain - Antisemitic joke in a radio show: "Jews don't cook in the oven, it's all fried"

- This is the joke. "I want to find a Jew, who I would like because he is an uncle with whom I am going to travel a lot, although the only thing that is not cool is that I am going to gain weight, because they do not cook in the oven, everything is fried."

Observe how 'cheap' it has become to collaborate in the current Cadena SER.

It happened on the program 'La Lengua Moderna' on PRISA radio. And the intellectual authors are Héctor de Miguel, better known by the absurd nickname of 'Quequé', the same one who sang in 'La vida moderne' that of "Alfonso Rojo subnormal" because the thief believes that they are all of his condition, and a such Valeria Ros, whom we do not have the displeasure of meeting.

It was she who made the comment, but De Miguel's response was not much better:

"That was the punchline? Is this it?"
She herself admitted: "It's terrible."