UK - Manchester Reform Synagogue service ambushed by group with swastikas

Manchester Reform Synagogue
- An online religious service hosted by a synagogue was interrupted when people began displaying swastikas and shouting racist abuse.

Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen, from Manchester Reform Synagogue, said the offenders showed "awful racist images" during the meeting on Friday night.

"We were all really shaken and upset about it," she added.

Greater Manchester Police said no-one has been arrested yet and it was conducting inquiries.

Rabbi Steen said a number of people had been trying to interrupt the Sabbath meeting, held at the start of the weekly Jewish holy day.

"Halfway through the service, during some prayers, they unmuted, started to shout, and put on the screen a swastika and some other awful racist images.

"They were kicked out straightaway but it was clear through the service that they were trying to get in."